Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I have done a horrible job with this blogging business! I love other people's blog's too much to come over here and post on my own I guess.

We three have been doing great. The past 6 months have just flown by. We have spent a lot of time with family and that is always the best. We are slowly defrosting around here, this winter has been a long one. We have nothing to complain about though compared to what the East has endured.

The Girl is growing like a weed! Her legs grow by the day I swear. She had a fabulous 4th birthday party and most of her friends were able to make it so she was happy! I don't know what we'll do when she and her friends get too big for renting a moon bounce!

We attended not one but two Chinese New Year parties and they were both so very fun. We made contact with the OKC Families with Children from China group and hope to be able to attend some of their events this summer. We will go to Tulsa in July for our first ever China Camp and we are so excited.

Our third forever family day is coming up in May, I just don't understand how that much time has flown by already. I can still remember our days in China like it was yesterday. One of my prayers that began while in China was for my memories of that time to stay sharply intact for the rest of my life so I can share with The Girl someday. So far, so good. Thank you Lord.

We have dreams of returning to China one of these days. To expand our family or just for a visit? We are not sure yet. The pull to return began in my heart the day we left!


  1. "To expand your family?" I say HECK YES!!!!! I bet Marossie would love a sibling!! Good to see you blogging again! Now if I could just get mine updated!!!

  2. Our families have the same dreams. So glad we connected.
    Keep blogging. We've slowed way down, too.

    1. Hi I just saw your message about Jia-Li's dragon dress. I actually inherited it from a friend who finds the cutest Chinese apparel, I will ask her and let you know, meanwhile, I am going to check your blog.



  3. Your sweet girl is just stunning!!! Would love to see you blogging again!! Are you heading back to China??? :)