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Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to Momma

Today is my birthday and my sweetest gift was the sound of my girl singing her version of Happy Birthday from around the corner because she was too embarrassed to sing it in front of me! It was so sweet.

Tonight some of my family took Marossie and I out for dinner to celebrate and I could not believe how much my picky eater actually ate! For starters she had crackers and salad (she hates veggies so this was HUGE) next was the man sized catfish fillet (which she ate ALL of) a piece of Texas toast with honey and an hour later she topped everything off with a yummy piece of chocolate birthday cake and a big chocolate covered strawberry! I could not believe it! If she keeps eating at this rate, she will actually gain some weight. At three and a half years old she just now weighs 26 pounds so some extra weight would make this momma proud!


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